Because research is something that I enjoy and conduct on a daily basis, my interests are difficult to pin-point since they consistently morph and merge.  However, no matter which topics are at the forefront of my research I tend to take an approach that marries Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Post-Colonial Theory, and Cultural Studies.  The following is a list of the research topics that are always on my radar.

The Victorian Novel and Form
Gothicism, Realism, British Literary History 

Literary Theory
Postcolonial Theory, Gender/Masculinity Studies, Cultural Studies, Deconstruction

The Long Nineteenth-Century
Japanese Fiction, German Romanticism, Slave Narratives, American Literature, Modern Literature

Early & Contemporary Global Literatures
Middle Eastern Fiction, African Literature, The Middle Ages, Early American Religious Texts

Academic Writing
Composition & Rhetoric, Business & Technical Writing, Career Development



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