Because research is something that I enjoy and conduct on a daily basis, my interests are difficult to pin-point since they consistently morph and merge.  However, no matter which topics are at the forefront of my research I tend to take an approach that marries Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Post-Colonial Theory, and Cultural Studies.  The following is a list of the research topics that are always on my radar.

The Victorian Novel and Form
Gothicism, Realism, British Literary History 

Literary Theory
Postcolonial Theory, Gender/Masculinity Studies, Cultural Studies, Deconstruction

The Long Nineteenth-Century
Japanese Fiction, German Romanticism, Slave Narratives, American Literature, Modern Literature

Early & Contemporary Global Literatures
Middle Eastern Fiction, African Literature, The Middle Ages, Early American Religious Texts

Academic Writing
Composition & Rhetoric, Business & Technical Writing, Career Development



Recent Posts

A Contemporary Allegory: Two Apache Sisters

Dina Polizzi’s first novella Two Apache Sisters and a Texas Gigolo was on my read-list for awhile, not only because Polizzi is my friend and neighbor but due to its marriage of magic, tarot, and its esoteric nature, which all interest me.

Two Apache Sisters struck me immediately as an allegory — the caliber that I haven’t experienced, really, since Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” — due to its penchant for placing big-motif meaning in occult-shaded trinkets and persons. There’s the coin, the many bags and satchels, the star, the green fairy, a shell, an arrowhead, a water bottle, salt, and even the Oriental man who recites philosophical tag lines — each in their own time.
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